Thursday, May 14, 2015

#biketoworkday2015 cancelled

San Diego's Bike to Work Day is cancelled. Yes, you can still bike to work on that day, but the pit stops won't be around. For the full #biketoworkSD experience, you'll have to wait until next Friday, May 29th. At which point many of the volunteers won't be able to volunteer so we'll have a partial turnout.

I won't call on the volunteers to harden the fuck up. No, it's not their job to pander to wannabe commuter cyclists like me. Instead, I will call on all San Diego cyclists to harden the fuck up. Here's a good photo illustrating why you should opt to make the ride on Friday regardless of conditions:

This photo illustrates several things. First, the paved road actually represents San Diego's freeways. The businessperson in suit is you, the rider. The splashing water is not actually rain (because in actuality it will hardly rain, given that it's San Diego). The splashing water is actually the tears shed by those who choose to drive their car on Friday, because traffic will be absolute shit.

Yes, you, the bicycle-commuting businessperson, are have an opportunity to stomp on the sad tears of drivers all over San Diego. You are getting a bit wet, but look at your face. A huge, shit-eating grin as you crush the dreams of a driver hoping to get to work in less than an hour.

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