Monday, April 27, 2015

Technical Manuals

Look, SRAM, just tell me a few things in your own words:

1: Is the rebound adjustment knob on the new Recon supposed to click when turning or rotate smoothly?

2. Do I have to push the knob inward against a bit of spring pressure, in order to turn, or can I just freely turn it?

3. How much rotation should I expect from the knob? 180 degrees? 1080 degrees?

Wait...actually, I don't give a fuck how it works. I figured it out already.

Here's what you can do instead: grab the engineer who designed it or signed off on it or whatever, and make them write down how it works on a post-it note and then hand the post-it note to SRAM document control and roll in a change to the tech manual and upload that motherfucker to the internet!

When the internet, my local bike shop, a freaking Salsa rep, AND a bicycle podcast all have different answers, something is wrong with your technical manual.

Fix your shitty documents! And tell me when you do!

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