Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I like the Radavist

But it starts to hurt me sometimes.

I'm getting old. Knee hurts, etc.

Frame bags and seat post rolls. There are too many, and no one cares. Don't become the Bike Radar of hip bike culture. Bike Radar is the worst. Save your efforts and write longer, better articles less frequently. We can wait. It's like sex when you're married. Or so I've been told.

Yeah, if I want some new product clickbait or I've already visited every single other bike news outlet for the 3rd time, maybe I'll load Bike Radar.

The Radavist hasn't become that yet. But if bike culture goes the way it's going, it eventually will. I'll be sad. I'll have to read teamrobot instead.

Also...figure out more interesting ways to shoot bikes. Please. Something. Lay it on the ground. Hang it vertical. Take it apart and shoot the pieces separately?

This is a good article:

Bad article:

Almost Good article:

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