Friday, April 24, 2015

san diego river trail

Some day, you'll be able to ride all the way down a gross river to the gross beach in San Diego. Lots of other cities (all other cities?) already let you do this. San Diego is behind the times for a lot of things. Like bicycling.

Having lived in San Diego for a number of years, it's useless bicycle culture has brainwashed me to the extent that I TOO am excited about the San Diego River Trail project. It will create a very long stretch of multi-use path for parents with strollers, time-trialing middle management, and wandering grandmas to all share in together.

Maybe at 2AM you'll be able to sneak in an uninterrupted ride, as well.

An illustration from the SD river trail website. They left out the grandmas and strollers, I think. They got the drought-stricken cloudless day correct, however.

Alright. So, to give this project credit, it's actually creating some allowances for a mode of transportation that is not car-based. A+. D+ however, for the fact that it does not merit use on any given weekday (stay with me). You see, all it does is connect angry, dusty people from east county with angry, salty people in Ocean Beach. But it doesn't help anyone else get to work in the morning. Ever notice how it's the north/south freeways which are crowded in the morning? Yeah, how's an east/west river trail in Mission Valley going to help alleviate that fucking traffic?

So, what to do? Well, I'm probably going to use the trail every now and then. When I have to ride to Santee and confirm that assholes live there, or ride to Ocean Beach and confirm that assholes live there. Unfortunately, I have to come down from my hipster lookout tower in Normal Heights. Pedaling back up Texas St. sucks big time. But I need to do more hill climbs.

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